Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Echomythia" by Dimitris Kotronakis (Classical Artist from Greece)

Get ready to be awed and dazzled by the nimble fingers of Dimitris Kotronakis and his anthology of brilliant classical guitar works with flavors of Latin/Jazz on his disc, "Echomythia." Kotronakis is an exquisite guitarist who plays with emotive and intense precision. The trills, turns, and bends he so eloquently plays gives rise to the versatility of this artist as he plays with various tempos and powerful dynamics. "Plainte" and "Marta" shows off the softer side of this music as Kotronakis performs with emotional and heartfelt ability. "Tuhu (homage a Villa-lobos)" is razor sharp and is steeped with Brazilian flair. "The Flight of the Bumblebee," a song known for its vigorous spirit, is truly amazing as Kotronakis runs full throttle across the fret board. Fans of classical guitar embedded with the essence of Latin/Jazz will not be disappointed when hearing the entertaining and delightful songs of "Echomythia."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The Lyre Speaketh" by PAS (Post Abortion Stress) (Electronic Artist from New York City, New York(NY))

"The Lyre Speaketh," is a new experimental album by PAS (Post Abortion Stress) that's doused with sounds both familiar and bizarre. The track, "Otherworldly Magic in County Kirkahan" is driven by a fast paced sub-bass and hand percussion while metallic sheets are scratched as an ambient layering. "Chorus of Cats" is another song where you can feel its pulse, but the emphasis is on the soundscape of distorted elements reflecting in a cave or dungeon (as one may imagine). The appeal to this CD is not a hook or killer beat, but rather exposing yourself to unique sounds that create a new musical palette. There are moments of dissonance but before long, a shimmering light seeps through, revealing a charm behind the shadows. Expand your horizons by hearing "The Lyre Speaketh," where there are endless possibilities to the depths of music.

-Max B. and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Don't Dream Your Life" by Michael Krebs & Band (Classic Rock Artist from Germany)

Michael Krebs & Band delivers an outstanding album, titled "Don't Dream Your Life," which is reminiscent of the classic rock style. This group has all the right pieces in place as they play with uniformity and are well focused. Lead vocalist Michael Krebs has a consistent, deep, and soulful sound quality that brings together these collections of well-written songs. Energetic and dynamic, "Birthdaysong" swirls together great lyrics while the background harmonies and instruments keep the rhythm moving. The acoustic version of the title track "Don't Dream Your Life" projects thought-provoking lyrics and vocals that are touching and sincere. Both versions of this song have a beautiful crisp and clean piano and subtle strings accompaniment. "Don't Dream Your Life" by Michael Krebs & Band exhibits a great classic rock feel and is an album well worth hearing.

-Diane and the reviewer team
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"Pezzi Rotti" by Daniele Meo (Pop Artist from Italy)

Solo artist, Daniele Meo's debut album "Pezzi Rotti" is an impressive collection of original pop/rock songs. This young and talented artist is not only an accomplished singer, but a strong and solid writer as well. His vocals have a distinct, delicate and melodic quality that gives the lyrics an engaging feel. The production and recording quality of this CD is excellent, as the tracks are mainstream radio-ready. The guitar bends on "II Profumo Di Te" blends the pop/rock style on this energetic tune. "Le Meraviglie Del Mondo" features progressive touches of synth and percussion which really balances well with the vocals. On the titled track "Pezzi Rotti" the piano and strings driven version is expressive and shows the artistic range of this performer. Check out the enjoyable disc "Pezzi Rotti" especially if you like to hear refreshing pop/rock tunes.

-Diane and the reviewer team
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

"He Doesn't Like Me...(He Likes My Brother)" by Km Esty (Pop Artist from Toronto, Canada)

"He Doesn't Like Me… (He Likes My Brother)," the new CD-single from accomplished dance-pop songstress Kim Esty, is a delicious slice of Electronica worthy of the singer's clear affinity for the genre's queen bee, Madonna. Boasting 7 different remixes (by Whisper Twins vs SBD and Dr. Octavo Versace), "He Doesn't Like Me…" – in all its permutations, is as catchy as it is danceable. Esty's multi-layered vocals soaring over the thrust of the programmed beats creates a sonic wash perfect for the dance floor. And tossing off the clever hook line like a straight-faced Kirsty MacColl only adds to the fun. Both sly and infectious, and featuring instrumental remixes as well, Kim Esty's CD-single delivers on all fronts.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Different Frequency" by Alan Lauris (Pop Artist from The Netherlands)

Drawing on synth and techno-drenched pop of the 80's, Alan Lauris's second full-length CD, "Different Frequency," is a fun and joyous romp into dance music's glorious past. With a cool, restrained tenor voice not unlike Sparks' Russell Mael (sans Mael's outrageously wicked flights of falsetto), Lauris delivers proto-dance pop with an infectious nod-and-a-wink exuberance that's irresistible. Most effective are the straight-up dance floor gems like the CD opener, "Time Out" or "You Need a Shredder," although the frenetic, "The Ratrace" (which is a little reminiscent of the wonderful 70's Sparks knock-off band, Jet) is brilliant. But the Dutch composer & producer also demonstrates a keen flair for other pop styles too, particularly on the top-hat-and-tap-shoe "Puttin' On the Ritz"-like number, "Snowball", and the celluloid-infused melancholy of "Same Old Building." Well-executed from start to finish (with full-length and radio edits of three songs), the 13-track "Different Frequency" CD is not so much an updating of a sound once defined by performers such as Pet Shop Boys & Human League as it is a sincere & lively celebration of their sound and the era.

-Rice B. and the Reviewer Team
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